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Because Independent Creators Deserve Better

"The Trap"

Social media and entertainment platforms have trapped creators in a 'cul-de-sac' that is easy to enter, yet hard to escape.

Forcing them into a painful cycle of publishing content with diminishing results.

social-media and entertainment platforms

Along with this, many online creators have been shut out from the platforms that once welcomed them

The result

Working conditions are declining rapidly

The creative process shouldn't have to be this hard.

This is why we are building a service from the ground up that resolves many of these issues simultaniously, and to support the development of independent entertainment. Our ultimate goal will be to see a major boost to the quality and quantity of independent content, by improving the working lives of creators

Why A Streaming Service?

And Why Now?

Indie creators have had a massive impact in how you watch entertainment online. We are making a service to facilitate the continued development of independent content and build a positive working environment for those in the industry.

Find out how

As a Creator You Recieve:

Guaranteed Pay

It is Vidiation's goal to see every creator on the service recieve a minimum of $2 for each 1000 views they recieve, along with the opportunity to pitch pilot concepts and have them funded!


The ability for you to tinker and innovate without fear of being deplatformed or losing your audience.

Career Growth

The opportunity to build yourself a sustainable and growing career in entertainment, regardless of industry connections.

Are you an independent creator?

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