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Setting sights on new and adventurous content

$6 / Month

Why Now?

"The Trap"

Social media and entertainment platforms have trapped your creators in a 'cul-de-sac' that is easy to enter, yet hard to escape.

Forcing them into a painful cycle of publishing content with diminishing results.

social-media and entertainment platforms

Along with this, many have been shut out from the platforms that once welcomed them

The result

The work conditions are declining rapidly

We're here to put a stop to it.

Vidiation's subscription is platform wide, so you can watch the creators you want, quickly and easily.

Rather than force content to conform to advertising guidelines or rely critically on community support - Vidiation is providing a platform where you can easily access your favorite creators.

Creators are payed for the views they recieve, supported directly by the users subscription

Each users subscription is divided up between the creators that they watch, proving creators on Vidiation with a fair and formulaic income, while allowing them to further their creative endeavors.

Our core focuses

Looking out for creators and users on our platform

Creating a space where ideas can be explored

Building better opportunities for independent entertainment

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