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Independent content is in danger

And the problem is the platforms

For many of you, the platforms you've been earning income from haven't been making it easy for you. You might be doing everything right, building an audience, creating amazing videos, gaining attraction on the platform and being recognised outside of the internet as well. Yet it's never truly rewarded, appreciated or acknowledged by these platforms.

You are now witnessing many of these public platforms turn their interests towards traditional media, celebrities and news outlets, ignoring what once made them unique.

There is are major power imbalances amoung current media platforms
They run on systems that desire churning content and burning-out creators
They unfairly judge content and leave you in the dark on serious matters regarding creators
Their content management systems lean heavily in favor of celebritys and stuff that 'tows the line'

Things haven't been getting better

The options for creators are diminishing.

The platforms continue to express vague, empty promises while you continue to be left in the dark as content is deemed acceptable or unacceptable by invisible hands.

Stress, frustration and not being paid enough to cover a weeks rent have become the standard. Many creators have had to take on second jobs or stop making content all together.

Vidiation want to see creators unshackled.

You bring so much to the table that this looming future will not be accepted. Your greatest potential is yet to be unleashed, you have the power to inspire millions and give people joy.

You deserve to thrive!

We're creating the change so you can focus on what matters

New and established creators have been creating content while keeping it accessable to the public, we want to see this continue. The next step is to provide a dedicated platform that delivers a great working environment, real sustainable income, opportunity to develop quality independent content.

What Seperates Us?

Your content is funded through our subscription model, open through the rest of the platform.
Your content is protected and supported by us.
We make sure you are supported in your creative endevors.

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Creators are accepted on a case-by-case basis and must be producing their own original work.

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