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So, what is a Sponsorship Position?

Why? Consumers Now Expect More

Common ad network practice is now harming brands

Your prospects want you to help them...

If you can provide value to a potential customer, you become the highest ranked option in their mind. This disregards the idea that you need to spend an extensive amount of time and money targeting prospects and trying to force them to keep you in mind. Because when the time comes, they're going to choose who's helped them the most.

Vidiation's Sponsor System has made this easy for you

Vidiation is bringing together some of the most engaging and creative individuals to provide entertainment, and with it, audiences that wish to see them succeed. Funded by Vidiation, the creators provide you with an audience, and us with a chance to open sponsorship positions.

Key Features

Audience Appealing

We make sure you are integrated into our streaming serice in appealing ways that stay true to your brand and pleasing to viewers

A Pleasurable Viewing Experience

Vidiation's Sponsorship System is built hand-in-hand with our content system to be special for both you and your prospects.

Interface Intergration

Show you are more than just an advertiser by being implimented into Vidiations User Interface.

Secure Positions

Vidiation Sponsorships won't see your time and money spent fighting with others to gain the attention of the viewer, as is the standard practise in advertising

No Bidding, First Come First Serve

Your time and money can be funneled back into proactive activities.

Sole Sponsor for a Viewer on Vidiation

You needn't fear losing the attention of the viewer.


The creativity doesn't just come from our creators, we present you in unique and eye catching ways

These and further options are available and can be utilized partly or in full.

PreContent Presentation + PostContent Statement depending on length of viewer content

Engage with the viewer immediately and leave a lasting impression once they've completed.

Media Player + Interface Implimentated Branding

Consistent presentation of your brand.